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D.A.F.T. Disuser And Forget Tool. noun.

to be dafted. verb

The most useful of admin tools originally developed by Wibble who once described it as 900 lines of Perl to save 5 lines. This tool has been cared for and nurtured and with steady frequent exercise has grown into a suite of tools including RAFT (reuser and forget tool).

When a user is dafted the admingets to create a message that they see any time they attempt to login. Admins have been known for the many humorous messages. Most notable in this category is Valen with his world reknowned "You're disusered until you're beaten senseless with a stick or 14 days".

Most admins would gladly see the back of DAFT as no sooner do you DAFT someone for a week than a thread of FREE {username} will appear on the boards and drag on for many weeks. But the committee need their stick to beat the users with so stay it will.


Origionally from the Encyclopedia