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BES stands for Dublin Business and Enterprise Scheme. It was for years the biggest and most renowned society in DCU winning the Best Society award several years running. The reason for this was its annual hosting of the DBES Ball, the social event of the DCU calendar, for which you had to be a member to attend.

DBES was hated by most Redbrick members for a variety of reasons. Firstly they were the only society bigger than us, secondly they were arrogant power-mad bastards, thirdly, they were mostly business students and clueless about computers and fourthly, they didn't like us either. Happily DBES fell apart last year when a financial scandal broke out. The money for new members from Freshers Day went missing, as did several Committee members, some of the money from the DBES Ball and the membership book. The Gardai were consulted but very little was done about it. As a result DBES collapsed and was suspended as a society, clearing the way for Redbrick to be the biggest and best society in DCU, something it would have become anyway.

The term 'You DBES bastard' is still an insult among some of the older members of the society who took unmitigated glee in its downfall.


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