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NOTOC Daniel ~


Type: Sun X4140
OS: Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx
CPU: 2 x Quad-Core AMD Opteron 2356
Storage: Onboard RAID controller
Disks: 6x 146Gb 10,000 RPM SAS Disks
Drives: Internal IDE CDROM
Network: 4x Gigabit Onboard Ethernet
Extras: Network Management Console (ILOM)
Description -----------

Insanely fast server is insanely fast. This will be the machine hosting our VMs, when we finally open them up to members. Werdz wrote a VM on/off button that people can log into, to er..turn their VMs on and off. This surprisingly critical piece of code was put in place on the 16th of February.

Daniel is a twin of Morpheus - they were both bought from the Sun Academic Matching Grant program (buy one server get one free). Category:Hardware