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Tall, grey-haired bespectacled individual. President of DCU from its foundation as NIHE Dublin until 1999. Sometimes accused of being rather aloof, his fund-raising abilities are said to be second to none. Amongst the other hats he wears he is head of the Food Safety Authority and sits on the Ballymun Regeneration Committee.

Although not a Redbrick member, he did meet with Michael 'Thalia' Bennett (then Redbrick Chair) on Fresher's Day 1997, and was greeted with the inquiry 'So, are you based in DCU yourself?'


From redbrick.academic, Feb 2004:

>> Every Uni should call its top guy by the name of a

>> browser. (What browser would Dr Danny have been?)


> Dr. Mosaic

Definitely - a figure held in awe in the early 90s, but not even remembered by today's generation. Indeed, by the mid 90s some people didn't realise he was still in DCU.

--Redgiant, Gliceas

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