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Dr. Netscape is a name coined by Gliceas for Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski, the esteemed president of DCU.

The day that the new president was announced, somebody posted to the newsgroups the URL with the press release. Gliceas followed the URL, and was reading the top of his netscape session and read...

"Dublin City University has appointed Dr - Netscape".

Thus ensued a few puns on the name - by Gliceas himself. ... but what sort of name is "Dr. Netscape? I mean, with a name like "Dr. X" or "Dr. Evil" you know what you're dealing with. But "Dr. Netscape"?

"You're late in this morning, Dr. Netscape", "Yes, sorry about that. I go as slow as I can, but I still keep crashing"

or, in the library ...

"Can I help you, Dr. Netscape?" , "Um, no, I'm just browsing."

Dr. Netscape is an easier name to remember than Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski, and is still used on the newsgroups to refer to Professor Van Prodinoski or whatever his name is.

--Singer, Augest 2001

Originally from the Encyclopedia