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The Encyclopedia was the first great collection of Redbrick's history and terminology. A collection of stories, phrases and nostalgia, it it one of the central cultural features of Redbrick, along with Shadowmap, the Table, desist, and SLAKERS.


One day, not too many moons ago, some-one, I can't remember who and have no inclination to waste time finding out said something like 'You know there should be an encyclopedia for all this Redbrick injoke shite'. This comment was noticed by the ever observant and astute Chairman and he mentioned the idea to Wishkah. Then the Chairman went away for a bit and came back to discover that Wishkah had actually gone and done something about the bullshit, sorry, ingenius idea, and actually set up a Redbrick Encyclopedia. Shocked that some-one had gone and done some work for the Society without asking for money, a title, a Committee position or root access the Chairman wandered away for a little bit promising vaguely to write some articles.

Time passed. Wishkah received no articles and went ahead and put up the Encyclopeida on the web with very little in it. Its appearance encouraged some of Redbrick's greatest and most gifted writers to read it and laugh at the poor writing style of those who contributed to it. Now many people have written for it, to such an extent that it merits an entry of its own and tribute should be paid to its Editor, Publisher, Sub-Editor, Webmaster, Head Researcher, the man who took the gibberings of the insane and finally set up THE guide to Redbrick past and present, the one, the only, Wishkah :)


Shucks, what can I say? The original suggestion was Singer's, who, when somebody asked him what Sl@nted @nd Ench@nted was, told them to look it up in the Redbrick Encyclopedia (and there was probably a (tm) appended to it). It was a joke, but yes, the idea stuck in a few peoples' heads, and it actually became a reality.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far, everyone who's going to contribute in the future (this means you), and especially to those who gave me stuff at the start so I had something to begin with. Thanks also to Sandman for his exceedingly clever fanpage. :>)


Just as an update, the Encyclopedia has now been moved from wishkah's website, and is instead held on the main RedBrick website, and is maintained by the Webgroup. Anyone can submit to it as per previously.


As an other update, it's now on the wiki, so any users can edit it nice and easily.


Origionally from the Encyclopedia