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FLM is an acronym for Fecky Little Men, a term pioneered by Halfpint, popularised by Toaster and Fishie and now in common use among Dublin's gaming community. It refers to the miniatures used for playing tabletop wargames, most usually those produced by the Games Workshop, such as Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and Necromunda.

The term (pronounced eff-ell-emm) is used to refer to the collecting, painting and use of these models, which are usually infantry, cavalry and vehicles, and is also used less correctly as a catch-all term for gaming of any sort not endorsed by Women Against Warhammer, such as roleplaying or playing some of the more obscure boardgames.

FLMs are generally approximately one inch in height (for a single infantry model) and are collected in groups known as armies. A typical FLM game involves two FLMers (as the players are known) arraying their respective armies against one another on a large table decorated with to-scale scenery, and enacting a battle by using a set of rules, usually available from the makers of the miniatures. This can be anything from good fun to tedius and annoying (as with most games), depending on the personalities of the FLMers involved.

FLMing also, as mentioned previously, involves painting the models collected, although this is not necessary in order to use them for play. It is unanimously agreed amongst FLMers that playing with painted armies is better, but not all are willing to take the time required to paint their army. Standards of painting of FLMs range from not at all to functional to anally retentive to award-winning.

While not the most popular form of gaming in DCU, a reasonable core of FLMers can be found on the fringes of STOCS.


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