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Up until half-way thru second year I was a dedicated FLIN user and I really only changed thru peer pressure because I still think it's a damn good thing. My defence of it may have earned me the disparaging nickname of Flin-Boy from certain people who will remain nameless but basically FLIN (For those of you who join Redbrick after it's got rid of) was the default system for using Redbrick. A menu-based system it was easy to use, clearly laid out and simple to learn.

That said it was hated by those who moved from FLIN to shells in a matter of days as being childish and for the use of fools because it made more advanced stuff, by which I mean anything more advanced than heying, mail, chat or posting, harder to do than shells.


I never heard of anything like this, and can remember being amazed when I saw that UCD netsoc use something like this. We're all big boys now, I'm sure we can use big boy shells. --lil_cain

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