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A means of grading Redbrick members in order to allow the older ones to feel superior but in reality the connection between generations and superiority is a vague and uncertain one. Basically every Redbrick member belongs to a generation depending on how far removed they are from the First Generation.

First Generation Brickies are those who joined the year Redbrick was set up, between the April of that year and the end of term. This was the year 1996. Most such people have either left DCU or are in fourth year by now. The Second Generation is my Generation, the best one most say, with many of Redbrick's finest joining. The Freshers who joined this year make up the Fourth Generation and next year's Freshers are the Fifth Generation, though they don't know it yet.

Note: Generation has nothing to do with how long you've been in DCU. It has to do with how long you've been a Redbrick member. People of greater generations typically lord it over the lesser denziens of the Society. Such people are typically emotionally, and often sexually insecure. All Generations are, of course, less then the pre-First Generation cabal known only as The Founders.


As far as I can tell, the idea of Brickie generations came from the brain of Thayl (as did the expression "Brickies"). Basically, First Generation Brickies are the ones who joined in Spring/Summer 1996, just after Redbrick was created. The Second Generation are the ones who joined from September 96 - Summer 97. Third Generation are from September 97 - Summer 98. And so on, hopefully until real Brickie descendants are going home and announcing that they're 16th Generation Brickies and having their parents reminisce about how "it was REAL back in our day" and how "we did totally command line stuff.. mouse pointers! What do they teach you at school" and "Hmph - you call that a chat system/newsreader/mailreader/editor... I remember when we had [whatever it is you remember]".

To put this in context:

First Generation Brickies (FGBs) include the Founders (obviously), Thayl, Autocrat, Odyssey, Silk.. Second Generation Brickies include Pooka, Wishkah, Carrot, Cain, Spock, Plop.. Third Generation Brickies include Bobb, Sares, Afrodite, Grimnar, Singer... Fourth Generation Brickies include Dot, Moridin, Tibor, P, Kpodesta, Julie...

Know your generation. Put it on your CV. You never know who may be interviewing you some day...


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