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So here we have one of the greatest scams ever to be encountered in the history of RedBrick. On the evening of the 30th March 2010, RedBrick had a grand wee quiz. Problem is: it was a farce. In the raffle, receive won the Dell netbook. Fair fucks you might think. But I ask you this: why did he buy 24 tickets as opposed to 25? 24 tickets cost €28, yet 25 tickets cost €25. Surely one would go for the more economic option? Also, receive had 6 people on his team. The maximum per team was officially 4 people. We know this coz we asked the committee before it started in attempt to make some unnecessary lulz: "What actually constitutes a team?" So yeah. Rabble etc. I call shenanigans.

Debate came first winning external hard drives

Team Alice? Came second wining Sega Mega Drives,

"A N otherW team came third, winning nerf guns

The Facts (not unfacts)

  • The cost for 25 raffle tickets was €25.
  • The cost for 24 raffle tickets was €28.
  • receive bought 24 tickets.
  • receive won the Dell netbook raffle prize.
  • The official team size was 4 people.
  • receive's team had 6 members.
  • The team included a member (lil_cain) who had actually written one round of the quiz.
  • Another team member was strongly suspected of using a phone to gain a very specific correct answer.