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WordPress is a nifty open-source PHP Content Management (or "blogging") web tool. You can use it to handle your website blog with ease.



If you don't already have an SQL account, email the admins to get one. Make sure your permissions are good and then follow this handy guide.

Setting with SSH

Right so, the permissions on Wordpress can trick you up - if you don't use the right command. So butlerx and pints got sick of all the little problems so wrote a script for it

  • Login into Redbrick from Terminal or PuTTY (or some other SSH client).
  • Download the script:


  • Run the script:

bash setupWordpress

  • Follow the prompts of the script
  • You now have "wordpress" in your public_html folder, and that's basically as much as you need to do from your SSH connection.
  • You need to check the permission on config.php also, so that it is 400.

chmod 400 wp-config.php

  • Follow the WordPress instructions there, you will need a Mysql database at this point just email admins for one