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Interview Tips

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Preparing for Interview

  • Always research a company before an interview. You should not appear to be just looking for a job. Your interest and motivation will impress an interviewer and you will be able to explain what you can do for the company.
  • Bear in mind that an interview is not just you appealing to a company, the company must also appeal to you. It is important to plan beforehand some of the questions you will ask. Prepare 3-5 meaningful questions. Good questions can greatly enhance the impact you make.

Application forms

  • If you are asked to complete an application form, do so in a thorough manner. An answer such as "see CV" is not acceptable.

First Impressions

  • The first impression you make on the interviewer is likely to have a strong impact on how the interview proceeds as well as on the interviewer s final conclusion about your suitability for the advertised position. So dress well, neatness is essential.


  • Walk confidently into the interview room and greet the interviewer with a firm handshake. Greet the interviewer with eye contact and a relaxed smile. Use the interviewer's name when greeting him or her.

Answering the question

  • Answer the question that is being asked. Keep to the point and make as many positive remarks as possible to emphasise your good qualities. Do not misrepresent your qualifications, experience, or current salary. Always act as if you are going to be offered the job you are discussing.

Be enthusiastic

  • Show enthusiasm and maintain good eye contact to emphasise your sincerity. If it is a first interview, do not ask starting salary, holidays, benefits etc. Your job is to sell yourself and highlight the positive contribution you could make to the company. Emphasise that you are primarily interested in the opportunity.