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RedBrick Social in Isoldes Tower Late nite bar upstairs in Isoldes Tower pub, in Temple Bar, on Thursday, March 19th 1998

This for me anyway and many others, if they think back, was the defining night of the 3rd generation of brickies, most of the brickies of that year were there, I think it was a very succesful night, many ppl met many other strangers (and were disappointed perhaps, there just is not as many tall blondes or studly hunks behind the login names of RB as one hopes : ( ), and all (I for one) went round apologising for everything they every said to each other behind the safety of itchy. An enjoyable balloon game with Chuggle and Kinkygil was had ; ) and chocolate was the prize, it was the birth place of Froopus the Duck (don't ask) and the ensuing and custody battle between Bubble and Froopus. Gorgyamr was helped along by his "friends" to get pissed for the first time ever,that was entertaining to watch.

And a lot more besides........

Photos can be seen through Celery's page (if she makes em public again).


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