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adding users with useradm is broken unless course and year are manually entered. This has been fixed as of today and changed commited to RCS repo. zergless 15/10/16 adding a user successfully does not add to announce list - not urgent Configuration management Mailing lists are spamming huge amounts of people which is resulting in issues with black lists. Admins have issued a notice to list owners that we will be removing lists that are no longer used on Tuesday 18/10/16 zergless 15/10/16 mail server issues - frozen mail, spam, lack of working spam filters Koffee VM solution or container infrastructure Death of pubcookie any day now pints, butlerx, zergless Changing from$user to $ pints, butlerx Administrator documentation Monitoring of services and alerting NNTP service Provision new Secodnary Services on 16.04.1LTS (yes I know it's a .1) Pints,koffee,zergless 19/10/16 Deploy new website on Secondary Services machine. butlerx, pints replace ajaxterm and anyterm with wetty butlerx, pints inn2 running on paphos - Haven't migrated old lists. koffee 20/10/2016 Incident response d_fens set up znc