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Jobs are great, you get money to buy PSPs and there is hardly ever any homework. Unfortunately, the hours are crap and the social life isn't as good as college. Still, it generally seems worth it in the long run.

To get a job, first you'll need a CV. Redbrick CV Advice is where you will find the tips redbrick people use to get a nice CV ready which will get you an interview.

Then you'll to look for a job: Job Sites.

Interviews is where you will find information on how to prepare for interviews, so you can actually get the job.

Once you've got the job, you'll generally spend most of your time posting to the boards. Sometimes, if the boss is being nasty, you'll want to ask some people stuff, so here is the people to annoy: Coders on Redbrick.

You might end up working with some brickies, if you see your company here: Redbrick Companies.

You might get sick of working as a 'permie' in one of these companies and end up Contracting.