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Find out your firmware version by pressing :

right * left left * left *

Go to the bottom and note the CDA number.


Go to and follow the instructions there. Use the CDA string from your phone in the CDA dialog of the application.

You should use Europe 2 as the region.


  • When you turn it on, the choice between mobile phone and walkman was reversed for me, so choose walkman to get the mobile phone.
  • The PIN values don't show up as well so just type em in and press ok. Your keypad ain't broke.
  • Make sure your sim card is in when you press C and plug the cable in, it no work otherwise.
  • Don't worry when the application takes ages leaving the test stage, the phone has not been killed.
  • Any names that you backup onto sim must be less than 14 characters or they won't be recombined properly when you copy em back to phone.
  • Various GPRS settings are available at

Apart from that, upgrade is seamless. No hassle, walkman feature is tres nice.


On O2, on the contract I chose, the K750i is 70 euro and the w800i 229 euro. A 1GB memory stick duo cost me 43 euro on ebay, a 3.5mm converter cost me 5 euro off ebay and the upgrade software was 10euro. So I get a w800i equivalent with extra 512mb memory for 128 smackaroos. Around 100 quid saving ! Don't buy a w800i ! You can even get a w800i fascia off ebay that will fit the k750i for around 20 euro, if you like the look that much.