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Stands for Leitrim Is Better Than U Think.

Semi-secret organisation dedicated to county Leitrim. Formed this year by immigrants from Leitrim who had had enough with verbal and physical abuse for being from Leitrim and not willing to accept that this was only the way of the world for such as they.

Recruiting other Leitrim people and non-Leitrim sympathisers they currently have 38 Redbrick members (Including they allege, me, but this is untrue) and are contactable at this address:

A little-known fact about LIBTUT is that it is not just a support group for people from Leitrim but has plans deeper than that. They claim to have a secret army of sheep and caches of nuclear weaponry in Leitrim. Their plan is to invade the neighbouring counties known for their great natural beauty compared to Leitrim and set up a new state stretching from Leitrim to Clare. Ambitiously they also intend to take over Galway, something Galway people find most amusing being able, as they are, to whip Leitrim in the football every year with tiresome regularity.


Tired of the slagging I recieved from people who fell over laughing when I mentioned my glorious home county, I started an Organisation.

An organisation dedicated to the most sparsely populated county in the country. That organisation is LIBTUT.

The aim of the Society, Cult, or whatever you want to call it, is to spread our message that 'Leitrim Is Better Than U Think'.

Well that.... and the total destruction by nuclear weaponry and highly-trained secret army of sheep, of the cess-pit of debauchery and facism, know only as "County Roscommon".

After our invasion we will take over the West and start a new state. The "Non-Democratic Republic of Leitrim".

Leitrim will return to glory.


Originally from the Encyclopedia