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Nov/Dec 1997 there began a struggle.

After discovering the existence of a small well-heated (yet always at the right temperature) computer room located deep inside the bowels of the library, the first Redbrick members rushed in to log on from this haven.

On arrival it was found that these computers were Windows 3.11 : )

Needless to say several different operating systems were spawned onto these virgin computers and the struggle for control began. As I recall the first few Redbrick persons to log on were Plop, Spock and Charlie. Also in attendance were innocent BS students Annabel, Mermaid and Minnie who knew nothing about the war for Linux dominance being waged in the very room.

Little by little news spread and Celery, Cain, Elmer, Kane and Macbain and several others who I forget all flocked to enjoy the comfort and speed of the new computers. For a period of about two to three weeks the room was practically full of people logged onto Redbrick (or enjoying a nice bout of Quake) which proved to be a lot of fun but after several weeks of threats and several dodgy booting computers the library computer room was sadly shut down. A month later it re-opened to the joy of the non-CA community (who at that time had crap computers) but it would never prove to be as popular again.


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