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NOTOC Lightning ~


Type: Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop Computer
OS: Xubuntu 6.06 Ubuntu 9.10
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz
RAM: 500mb
Disks: 1x 10Gb IDE borrowed from old dell
Drives: IDE DVD Reader
Network: 1x Onboard Ethernet
Description -----------

In october 2008 it was decided that having an additional desktop machine in the room would be helpful, and an old G3 iMac with 32mb of ram was found from somewhere, and OpenBSD was installed. The machine was named lightning due to it's impressive speed.

However, the iMac was a useless piece of shit, and it was decided we should replace it with a slightly less useless piece of shit. Andrew Harford (receive@rb) donated the new lightning, which was gathering dust in his apartment.

In 2010 during the Server Room Move, Craig MacEntee (creadak@rb) took lightning home, as it was gathering dust in the server room. It now sits beside his bed, comfortably running ubuntu 9.10 though it seems to die from time to time, and isn't yet connected to the internet


  • Firefox
  • Terminal