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The following is a (probably incomplete) list of Redbrick members who have at some point been DISUSERED. Being disusered is a terrible thing and totally does not make you a bad-ass or anything like that. This list should serve as an inspiration and warning to Redbrick's youth so that they might learn from the mistakes of others and behave responsibly at all times.

The Hall of Shame


The self-professed "bad boy" of Redbrick, goldfish has hacked the network and broken the rules hundreds of times, and continues to do so even to this day. He has been disusered once or twice on the occasions when the committee have actually been lucky enough to catch him.


joe5ie was disusered on the 14th of September 2006 for encouraging other users to run forkbombs, and also for defacing the wiki.


Disusered on October 22nd 1998 after incurring the wrath of the committee. See The Plop Incident for more details.


The notorious spike, aka "dilligaf", alias "shaun" haxxed Redbrick in 1997 and was promptly disusered forever, never to return. Oh wait.




Disusered March 16th, 1998. This disuserment resulted in the ever popular "Free Sherro" in-joke.


Disusered February 2nd, 1999. Disuserment period was then extended after The Julie Incident.


See The Julie Incident


If the Redbrick Timeline is to be believed, in 2001 cokane started a postathon on the boards (with someone called scrawny) and was disusered for an hour by bubble for his crime.


Disusered, along with lep, on February 21st, 2000, for abuse to members.


Disusered, along with paddy, on February 21st, 2000, for abuse to members.


The hurling club account was disusered in relation to Redbrick getting rooted in 2008.


Paddez was disusered for "a disuserable offence".

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