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Redbrick Services

Redbrick Community

  • User photos: Mugshots of many Redbrick users. Powered by magluby.
  • Nation States: ... is a free online political simulation game. A few Redbrick Users are playing. Why not join them?
  • Bebo - There's a Redbrick group on bebo, just register as a DCU student/alumnus to see it.
  • - The Redbrick group on (i.e. what music Redbrick members are listening to!)
  • hotornot scoreboard if you're bored and feeling vain, see how you compare
  • Redbrick Folding@Home team - so far only a few people using their spare CPU cycles for a good cause
  • Redbrick Companies: Companies that Redbrick people are involved in or started.
  • Encyclopedia: Good for a laugh.

Redbrick How-Tos

Redbrick Articles

Redbrick Projects

  • Distributed Computing: Join the Redbrick team for different worldwide Distributed Computing projects!
  • Cluster Computing: Beowulf Linux Cluster @ School of Computing, DCU (2001).
  • C-Hey: Command line instant messaging.
  • IBM S/390: Proposed projects on an IBM S/390 mainframe @ School of Computing, DCU (2001).
  • Newsgroup Reorganisation: A working document detailing the proposed changes to the redbrick and intersocs newsgroup structure.
  • Open Labs: Hosted lab sessions for school children (DCU Access Office, DCU Community Office).
  • Redbrick Wishlist: A list of projects Redbrick sorely needs (code them to get paid money!).
  • Clubs and Socs Alumni: A project aiming to keep DCU alumni involved
  • Website To-Do List: Bugs and suggestions for the new Redbrick website design
  • Redbrick Hardware: A list of Redbrick Hardware and their Specs
  • Training: IT Training/Certification through Redbrick

Redbrick Events/History

Collected Redbrick Wisdom

  • Bike Locks: You've bought a bike - now to secure it. How to pick a good lock.
  • Cycling: Cycling around Redbrick and Dublin.
  • Contracting: The basics of working as a Contractor.
  • Digital SLR Cameras: Buying a Digital SLR camera?
  • Espresso Machines: A guide for the coffee-addicts who have far too much money.
  • Food: Yum!
  • Headphones: redbrick opinions on your various music-hearing options
  • K750i Upgrade: Flash upgrading your K750i to a w800i. Warning ! Voids Warranty
  • Laptops: Advice on purchasing a laptop
  • PC Disposal: How/where to dispose & recycle your old PC junk!
  • Places to Eat: A list of places to eat in various areas, as recommended by brickies.
  • Travel: Going places?
  • Wine: Wine!

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