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870 B

On a nameless night at the end of a semester our protagonist Mak wandered with companions into the local Ballymun road chipper. There he found himself so enchanted by one of the staff he proceeded to vocalise her loveliness to her fluster and bemusement, and our inadvertent amusement. As a show of his nonchalance at making her somewhat self conscious at his praises he proceeded to offer to let her 'piss on his chips' to get back at him and he will still think her 'such a lovely girl'.

Needless to say, just in case, none of us shared on Mak's chips that night and speaking for myself, probably never will.

On a side note, she was well damp and completely worth pissy chips.

On a second side note, the chipper burned to the ground two days later, lending credence to the theory that she wasn't all that damp.