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A manpage is intended as a reference for system utitlities, libraries, programs and c functions. It does however from time to time become abused by possessors of root.

These manpage abusers add manpages about themselves, friends of theirs, or bitter enemies.

Typically a manpage of this type makes a vain attempt at wit by decribing the user as a unix system utility, with all options, features and bugs intact. In fact some of the manpages show a remarkable familiarity with the manpage struture. They are however simply sad, silly attempts at humour that last about 10 mins.(and yes, if I had root I'd add a manpage for myself).

Current possessors of manpages include: bobb, bubble, singer, shadow, valen, sandman, cthulhu, phil, mark.



It has since transpired that I (colmmacc) have added a manpage. I now wish to assert that user manpages are one of the coolest, most witty features of RedBrick. And not in the least bit crass.


Originally from the Encyclopedia