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NOTOC Nanny ~


Type: Sun SPARCstation 20
OS: Solaris 9
CPU: 2 x SuperSPARC 75MHz
RAM: 160MB
Storage: Onboard SCSI controller
Disks: 2 x 1GB SCSI disk
Drives: Internal SCSI CDROM
Network: le0 (onboard)
le1 (expansion) \[currently unused\]
Extras: Sun 256 colour graphics card \[currently unused\]
The Name: Nanny (nan\' i) n. A children\'s nurse.The name Laser was picked by Dermot (dizer@rb).
Description -----------

Nanny was graciously loaned to the society by Sun Microsystems Ireland. We recieved the machine in XXX. Nanny was initially intended for use as a firewall has been used for various other things over time. For a long time it sat dormant in the monolith, until its power supply was fixed. Even then, nobody could remember the root or PROM password for it! It was brought back online January 2002. It has since been dismantled.


None at present...