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Below is a list of users and what Operating Systems they are competent with.

Feel free to add an an entry about yourself below.

Linux (redhat, debian, ubuntu), Solaris, Tru64

Windows (95, 98, NT, XP), Linux (redhat), VxWork, Solaris, OS20, OS21

Linux: Redhat 8,9, Fedora 3,4. Current: Ubuntu breezy.
Windows: 3.1 and 95. Current: 98se and XP home.

FreeBSD, Windows.

Linux(Ubuntu & debian) Windows (<3) and a bit of free-bsd. I also love solaris. It's the best OS ever.

DragonFlyBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, Windows.

PalmOS 5.

Mac OS X, Linux (Debian & Slackware), BeOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Windows

Linux (SuSe), Windows, Mac OS X

Ubuntu 8.04 and OpenSuSE 11, and Windows XP.

Currently using Fedora 8. That is all.

Micrsoft Vista/XP/2k/ME/98SE, Ubuntu Fesity/Edgy/Dapper, DSLinux, FreeBSD

image:apple_logo.jpg image:ubuntu_logo.jpg image:windows_logo.jpg

Current: Windows Vista, XP Pro, Kubuntu, OSX Tiger

Past: Windows 3.1, 95, 98SE

Ubuntu 8.04, OS J Alpha

Past OSes: Windows XP, Windows Vista (/shudder), Windows 98, Sabayon, Fedora

Current: Windows Vista Home Premium, Vista Ultimate, XP MCE Edition

Past: Ubuntu 7.10, Windows XP Pro, Windows XP Home, Windows 98, Windows 95, DOS 6, Some other early dos

Vista and nothing but!

OS X, Linux: Ubuntu, Windows XP

Linux: ubuntu 8.10. Windows: Vista.

Linux: Arch Linux, Linux from Scratch (still working on it)

Windows: Windows 7 Category:Community