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Pauline O'Gorman is the head of the Systems Group in Computer Services.

The Systems group look after all software on the campus computer systems. This includes the old VAX (RIP) and new UNIX servers such as tolka, gnasher and kola. They also look after software used by the College Administration, Exams Office and Finance Office, to name just a few. Needless to say, they are very busy people in the Systems Group.

Pauline is also is the person Redbrick admins meet with to discuss what access we have to the Campus network, and for this reason many people (imho unfairly) blame her for any loss in Redbrick access.

In my experience Pauline has always been helpful and open to suggestions/ideas, and has always been available to chat with the admins about any aspect of admin work (both inside and outside of Redbrick). I have never seen her as the evil woman some people mentioned on the boards.

--The Artist Formerly Known As Spinal

Originally from the Encyclopedia

She's not anymore,I think. Couldn't tell you who is though