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NOTOC Prodigy ~


Type: Sun Enterprise 450
OS: Solaris 8
CPU: 2 x UltraSPARC-II 400MHz
Storage: Onboard Symbios 53c875 dual channel UltraWide SCSI controller
2 x PCI Symbios 53c875 dual channel UltraWide SCSI controllers
PCI FC-AL (Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop) controller \[currently unused\]
Disks: 20 x 9GB UltraWide SCSI disks
Drives: Internal SCSI CDROM \[currently disconnected/broken ???\]
Internal SCSI 8mm Exabyte tape drive \[currently unused\]
External SCSI HP \"BENCHMARK\" DLT1 tape drive
Network: hme0 (onboard) \[currently unused\]
qfe\[0123\] (Quad Fast Ethernet, a 4 port NIC) \[only qfe0 currently used\]
Extras: Sun 256 colour graphics card \[currently unused\]
Three hot swappable redundant power supplies
The Name: Prodigy (prod\' i ji) n. Something wonderful or extraordinary; a wonderful example (of); a person or thing with extraordinary gifts or qualities; something out of the ordinary course of nature, a monstrosity.The name Prodigy was picked by Phil (phil@rb). It was called \'marco\' while in Sun and arrived to us with the rather imaginative name of \'PleaseNameMe\'. This was changed later to \'Prodigy\' but not before it enjoyed a brief period with the name \'beefcake\' (no, really).
Description -----------

thumb|rightProdigy was graciously loaned to the society by Sun Microsystems Ireland. As you can gather from the specifications above, this was one very powerful machine for the time (think of the sort of desktop you might have been able to buy back then). It also had a price tag as hefty as the machine itself (when we received the machine, its cost was estimated at around £60,000). We received the machine in April 2001 and on the 13/14th October 2001 (the weekend after Clubs & Socs day) it went live, replacing Enigma as the primary login machine.

Prodigy was given to ITB Compsoc in about week 6 of first semester of 07/08, on the basis that they didn't have a server, and were looking for one.