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Minutes - 6th of November 2007

Absent: None


  • Cian did stuff with server, fixed crontab and updated stuff.
  • Eoghan picked up switch.
  • Andrew played with himself.
  • Kat talked to estates about air conditioner.
  • Kev contacted hoody people again, awaiting reply.
  • Richard fixed scripts and is working on site stuff.
  • Padraig slept a lot.
  • Receive blogged and handed over treasurer duties.

Admin position

  • Diarmuid has resigned due to difficulties working with the current elected admins.
  • Options are EGM, co-opt someone or wait. Svan plus skyhawk believed to be only elligible members for co-opting as they have passed the test.
  • Decision should be primarily made by current admins.
  • Decided that the committee will wait for now rather than having an EGM, item to be reviewed next at the next meeting.

Open Day

  • Redbrick should be involved - suggestions include running a wavehunt type event, computer stuff and having a bouncy castle.
  • Something outdoor would be more visible and increase appeal.
  • Bouncy castle + running rb stuff in a computer lab decided.
  • Stephen Spierin to be contacted, CA lab to be booked.

Linux Workshop

  • Eoghan believes that it could be fine with a proper warning beforehand.
  • Padraig suggests offering backups. Backups are generally considered bad as we would be responsible for the data and there could be too many people to back up in any reasonable amount of time.
  • It's suggested that an intro to linux tutorial be run beforehand, to some disagreement.
  • No committee member should touch anyone's laptop if installing.
  • It was decided that the event required more discussion and planning and could work better if run during Tech Week next Semester.


  • Andrew bemoans lack of communication among committee.
  • Dano claims he didn't know posters were needed. Kat claims she has logs of herself telling him to make posters no less than 6 times.
  • Everyone has a level of responsiblity to be aware of stuff.
  • People should send emails to the list.


  • Cian wants a gigE ethernet card.
  • Website polls to go up on the site, Redbrick members vote on top 10 favourite films, albums, etc.
  • Webroup to report
  • Meal - Thunder Road Cafe