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Absent: Damo (excused), Richard, Diarmuid


Nothing too broken, Declan is leaving... I'll miss him... :(

Freshers Ball

Shopping to be done before going in, leave at about 5.30. To be advertised in topic and motd. DJ and band sorted. Doors at 9, everyone to be there at 7. Band will be there at 7.

Helpdesk Workshop

Presentation ready. Guest accounts may be needed.


€20 per person in Bray. €10 for extra balls. Deco's mother likes balls. Discounts have been applied for, to be run during Games Week as no good dates are available this Semester.

Grant App

Delete book from it. Depreciation should be looked into for assets.


6pm Thursday Week 4 in Business School.


1st year rep? Suggested that Redbrick 1st years are less outgoing than those of other societies, but that it would generate interest and improve relations with first years. Voted in 4-3 in favour.

"Cian is a fag"

Cian suggests 2 helpdesk with the one first year rep. Andrew wants one helpdesk with group of 3, Johan + Deco agree.

It's suggested that a Helpdesk group would be crap, but most likely will depend on leadership.

1 helpdesk plus group wins vote.

Constitutional changes to be written up and put online before EGM.


Reminder for everyone to be at Radio City for 7. Games Soc can set up just before the group moves downstairs.