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Absent: Amy (excused)

Previous Minutes

  • Previous minutes approved.


  • Richard hates the wiki.
  • Cian can't remember what he did.
  • Eoghan did nothing.
  • Werdz broke carbon.
  • Kat did college work.
  • Kev mailed, did screen tutorial with Dave.
  • Dave did lots of tutorial stuff.
  • Dano working on posters.
  • Receive worked on accounts and stuff.
  • Christmas party - went okish. Andrew wants sub committee to meet and discuss problems.
  • Cinema trip - went fine despite times errors.

dme3 Forum

  • Some feel allowing member accounts to run forums turns the society into a service provider and could be competition for our forum.
  • Admins opposed to being a service provider.
  • Kev/coconut/Eoghan in favour, believe it would do more good than harm, only a forum, not competing as it's for a class of 18.
  • Committee votes, it is decided that dme3 cannot have its own forum on Redbrick.


  • Andrew wants a meeting in January.
  • Suggests January 18th at 4pm.
  • Cian wants us to meet in his house as he is lonely.

Semester 1 Review

  • Not enough photos in campus.
  • Clubs and Socs Day wasn't great. Laptops are bad, not enough flyers etc.
  • C&S 2 worth making an effort for even if we just get a few members.
  • Not enough first years active in the society.

Semester 2

  • Blog to be used more and more events to be advertised on it next semester.
  • Be more fun!!!
  • #lobby bot for events?
  • Kat wants poster board for future advertising. Receive promises to get one.
  • Receive wants to set out his "12 week plan" for Redbrick. Much laughter ensues. Padraig suggests renaming the society to "Red Block".
  • Eoghan falls off his chair for the third meeting in a row.
  • It turns out that Receive was serious... wants 6 events and 5 tutorials for next semester and to "start with a bang".
  • Tech Week to be big, stuff to get done.

Over Christmas

  • Dano to upload all his posters.
  • Kat to make people write up events.
  • Helpdesk to look at more wiki tutorials.


  • #lobby is doing ok.
  • #intersocs rep - Cian to take over.