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Present:Angelkat, Attol, Azrael, Credak, Elephant, Johan, Maiden, Sonic, Revenant, Werdz, Me


Limerick Trip

Limerick trip €10


1pm Monday


If we have confirmed talk put on committee wiki under techweek 2010 just to avoid double bookings

Launch Party

- Style soc have booked all day nu bar
- Maybe try tv area in bar. We only need for an hour.
- Or the top of the nu bar
- Get platters


Kat still working on site


Maiden to do posters - Coding contest (tonight?)
- Dare Day




16 places.
Who wants to go?
Wednesday @ 5pm


Attol get grant app

Brain Vs new logo
Majority voted for the brain


Offered Freebies.
Can't give hardware but offered to do talk

Coding Contest

Google to be judges
Prize - ideas emailed by Monday


Dare`` ``Day
Get flyers and hand out on the day

Try €2 shop for bricks

Countdown how many bricks have been sold and sad faces for the ones that haven't been adopted?\

Sell tech support stuff? Suit up!!
- Make people sign a disclaimer

Re-freshers Day

Put down when you're free for Re-freshers day

9-10 -> Craig, Attol, Me help set up
10-11 -> Attol
11-1 -> David
1-2 -> Craig, Attol, Me
2-4 -> Andrew

Radio Redbrick

1st time we've had one

Bot set up every hour and play from a certain number of songs the 1st and then another set for the next hour
Stream ads for talks -> Every half hour
Vote +9 in favour
€150 for stream approved