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Absent: Cian (some bald guy is here instead)


Events to be run at least every 2 weeks. Cinema trip! Black sheep Thursday week (25th). Kat to make Richard update website. Bowling, pub, pool, karting, fort lucan, football, poker? Ripping off other societies and such. We're going bowling! I hope all the Wii Sports practice pays off! Football every Monday night at 6, Dano to spearhead. More Helpdesk stuff to be run, receive wants stuff run until people stop turning up. (so until next week then). Web design tutorial at some point. Associates to be asked to teach interesting stuff at workshops.

Admin ops

Cian wants to reverse decision on non-committee root holder ops to appease the angry admins. Silly for them to have root but not be allowed to hold ops on IRC. Admins should be allowed to retain ops, but should only use them where appropriate, eg - no de-opping people, no topic setting etc. unless it's necessary.

Lobby abuse policy

Cian wants lobby abuse policy to be edited and he'll mail it on for further discussion.

Abuse List

New policy for abuse laid out by Andrew/Cian. Abuse mails go to all root holders plus Chair, Sec and Webmaster. If the issue is more of a committee than admin one then it's handed over to committee list. Eoghan feels committee should be aware of all abuse cases. Policy to be sent to admin list for discussion.


Ashley gone, someone has to take over. Some in favour of getting a new supplier. Andrew suggests subsidies for hoodies, but Kat points out that subsidies cost money. Sponsorship to be looked into instead, Red Hat, Novell, Microsoft, E+S soc, any computing companies. Kev to contact the previous distributor to get a quote for prices. Details on committee wiki.

Cian's Redbrick dream

Community, Dano to lie to people, Redbrick to do more stuff and annoy E+S. The discussion on Cian's plans for Redbrick is brief and less argumentative than some had hoped.

Standing Orders

Not ready yet, to be finished during the week.


Diarmuid suggests weekly advertising of different features. Everyone to help Posters should tell people how to join.!!!


Thursday at 6pm. Everyone has to go. Or Else. No known candidates for treasurer, Cian wants to make some girl do it, because everyone knows it's good to have girls on committee.


  • Meetings: Tuesdays still bad for Diarmuid, but no day change for the moment.
  • Socs Ball: Dano, Kat, Werdz, Receive, Richard all want tickets. 3 to be kept for newly elected members of committee. 7 left. Login and use socsball script. EGM competition for one after elections.
  • Blog good.
  • Some updates needed on the site, Helpdesk tutorials still to be finished.
  • Renewal money skillfully obtained by Kev from cooker3 and coconut.
  • Games Soc interested in setting up a VPN on blinky to allow res people to play games. Admins too busy to look into it now.
  • Committee Meal: 6th of November.