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824 B

Absent: Dano, Kat, Werdz, D_fens, Drag0n Quorum of 15 is reached.


The desk in QG13 has this cool light that you can turn on and bend around in all sorts of directions. It looks cool when the main lights are turned off, plus it has red and white colours! This EGM has less lollipops than previous EGMs.


3 people running: Revenant (82%), Coconut (53%), Landa2 (33%)

Coconut - 11 Landa2 - 6 Revenant - 5

Coconut and Landa2 are elected.


Podge runs, some girl also runs.

Amy - 16 Podge - 6

Amy is elected.


Item 1: First Year Rep - passed 20 - 2 Item 2: Helpdesk Test passing is compulsory - passed 20 - 2 Item 3: Reduce Helpdesk to 1 person with a group of helpers - failed 11 - 11

Clubs and Socs Ball ticket

Dennis wins the free ticket to the Clubs & Socs Ball.