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Absent: Amy, Dave

Late: Padraig, Cian

Previous Minutes + Agenda

  • Approved

Tech Week

  • Andrew in with Karen in a cubicle, page and a half on Tech Week in Campus. Poster on back cover hopefully, 300 words + photos. Kev and Dano for text. Graham to do poster. Photoshop posters from last year if needed.
  • Monday: Allan Dixon comfirmed. 5pm start. Venue needed. CSD lab if possible, 4-6pm for setup. Check what Allan wants. Using Adobe video portable so Windows computers probably.
  • Launch Party: Padraig sorted venue for Monday - Old Bar - band confirmed. Futurism the only band playing. Check drum kit, Music Soc one might be usable. Andrew to look into sound desk. DJ Brian hopefully confirmed for after, need to double check. Tickets need to be made tonight.
  • Light and Sound workshop probably scrapped, Andrew meeting with Drama people tonight. Star trek quiz also happening!!! \o/
  • Side note: It's hard to find the \ and @ keys on a Mac :(
  • Tuesday: Installfest at 6pm, FilmSoc at 7.30pm. Hackers, Die Hard 4.0?
  • Wednesday: Demonware at 3pm, possibly consoles 1-3pm, upper part of the Venue, PC Building after. Colmmacc at 5pm? Refreshments for PC building. Wednesday night debate if possible?
  • Master Debating was invented in 1266.
  • Thursday: 4pm Photoshop with Eimear, Eoghan to book lab, get PC's unlocked. Check if Eimear is good for that time. Book an hour beforehand for setup.

Helpdesk Workshop

  • Week 6, not Week 5 apparently.
  • Advanced Redbrick, possibly to include screen.
  • Plenty of time left to work on it.

Week 5 Event

  • Cinema Trip. Coppers night also a suggestion.
  • Movie to be decided at a later date.

Status of Minerva + Tech Stuff

  • Changeover was fairly smooth if slightly late. Very few issues.
  • Apache still not quite ready on Murphy, as it has IP issues or something.
  • Toaster is still a bit "shit", Cian got a login prompt but can't type in it.
  • Redbrick status page nearly working.

Clubs & Socs Awards

  • First 5 nomination - probably applying for Andrew.
  • Best website.
  • Most improved? - Kev suggests that it's not worthwhile if the society hasn't improved. Cian insists that anyone who doesn't want Redbrick to apply for most improved should resign or something.
  • Deadline is 5th of March.

RAG Week

  • Hard drive smashing.
  • Estates approval still needed.
  • Padraig to contact his friend in estates, then estates proper if needed for permission.
  • Slegehmamer needed for smashing.
  • Eoghan has a pitchfork, this isn't actually very usefuly, but it's a start.
  • Hard drive smashing to be used to promote Tech Week, sell tickets for Monday night.


  • Not present at several meetings so possibly deemed to have resigned.
  • Andrew to talk to her about position, get cheque book etc. New treasurer needed if she's still not interested.


  • Limerick trip - Weekend after Tech Week. Multiple trad sessions, Paintball and Karting. Cian, as intersocs rep, needs to get details so we can apply for funding for absolutely everything.
  • Microsoft guy mainly interested in sponsoring gaming competitions, not talks and such.
  • Website - profile pages must be ready next week!!!!