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Previous minutes approved.


  • Andrew and Kat did bouncy castle stuff.
  • d_fens is working on website stuff.
  • Hoodies are 30 euro again.
  • David helped on Open Day.
  • Padraig did tshirt design.
  • Amy helped on Open Day and did accounts stuff.

Committee Tasks

  • Receive suggests everyone pick a task and do it by next week.
  • Werdz to do apache stuff.
  • Kat to organise receipts.
  • Richard to do web stuff.
  • Helpdesk organising a tutorial soon.
  • Amy to read mail and login
  • Eoghan to contact Ubuntu people about usergroup stuff.
  • Cian to save admins from legionnaire's disease.

Ice Skating

  • Redbrick have gotten 50 free tickets.
  • Ice Skating takes place next Wednesday at 5.30pm in the RDS.
  • Games Soc to be invited to shift more tickets.

Tech Week

  • Less talks and more interactive stuff needed this year.
  • Helpdesk suggest a joint E+S and RB Photoshop tutorial if Eimear is willing. Cian disagrees as he likes the fake rivalry. Redbrick + Style suggested for it instead.
  • Linux workshop, live CDs could be given in advance to preview linux.
  • Games Soc to do games talks.
  • Web design tutorial. Al O'Connor, Barry/barballs and Richard "d_fens" Dalton suggested to run it.
  • Google suggested.
  • Older admins and associates could do events or have contacts.
  • Communication school people and Computing people could be good
  • Societies that we could get involved: Music, MPS, Games, Film, Drama, Style (Tech Ball!?), Art, Fotosoc, Devate, AMS.
  • Need to pick a week for it.

Redbrick Clothing

  • Hoodies are 30 euro each for current design again.
  • Padraig to try new designs and find prices for printed versions instead of embroidered.

Accounts + Tshirt/Drink money

  • Some issues with paying for tshirts, tshirts can be returned and reused for future events if people don't really want them.
  • Drink money from committee meal is paid by committee members.
  • Accounts: Currently cash flow is poor, should have €2551 after paypal + SPC stuff + Open Day money.

Admin position + Root

  • Should drag0n retain root after resigning?
  • Some disagreement, could be a bad precedent for future admin dropouts if they can retain root after resigning.
  • Most believe it's safer to remove root.
  • Admins don't need someone right away to fill the third position. Will be mentioned in mail, interest to be gauged.

Charity Sleepover

  • Redbrick Net Cafe, money for internet usage.
  • PC's needed, could be some from School of Computing, CSD need to be contacted about opening ports in the Venue.


  • Bad for new members, some older members spamming/being abusive.
  • At this point in the meeting, Eoghan Cotter falls off his chair.
  • Poor behaviour from certain members is costing us regular logins from first years/new members.
  • Troublemakers to be warned and banned if they continue.
  • Padraig is opposed to long term bans from the channel.


  • Helpdesk - Week 11, screen tutorial. To be taught without logging in to IRC to reduce spam.
  • Bans - Eoghan dislikes people unbanning after a ban has been set. Committee to be mailed with info when a ban is put in place.
  • Long meeting is long.
  • Christmas Party - more info soon!