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Present:Carri, Coconut, Emma, Sonic, Haus, Johan, Gw, Attol


Excused:Angelkat, Revenant

SP talks

. Austin to go with Lotta on 30th Sept
. Sean to go to Treasurer's talk
. Carri to go to Events talk\

For clubs and socs day

. Our table - right near banklink
. OnlyONEcomputer allowed on our table\

Finish manual

Austin to put booklet online and people will add to it


Campus print to do printing of the booklet and we're also going to leave it online


Ask slipper for sponsorship?

Viking Direct

For ordering blank DVDs


Harass Dan about the posters


Carri needs red paint and PVC glue

Goodie Bags

. Lotta has free game bags
. Carri volunteered to alter the bags
. Organise the sweets the day before musgraves, badges, DVDs, stickers


Finish off during the week. Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Events


Wednesday 14th elect 1st year rep


Decide what days suits for regular meetings

Freshers Ball

. Theme RED
. In the slipper. There is a guy we could hire for the music. €100. Drink promotions from smirnoff and €3 drinks
. Need the decide what to put on ticket - Alcohol severed, Id required or Alcohol served, over 18's only
. Shadow help market to the older associates

We're going to judge themes for the year on this one. If it goes well we'll do more.


Our turn. Suggestions what to do
.Zombie Airsoft


We need a provisional calendar to write what to run for the year


Servers done - €110 each. 50% charge over that