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864 B


Present:Attol, Carri, Reverent, Maiden, Azrael, Haus, Johan, Gw, Elephant, Sonic, Me


Halloween Ball

- pumpkins with led lights.
- Diarmaid on the light, Dan carving

Campus Article

Dan to write campus article

Qzar and bowling trip

Qzar and bowling trip -> move to week after. 26th of November.


Foreign trip - hotel?

Toys for Big Boys

Toys for big boys -> no


BunBun -> Ban for two weeks.
Vote took place and majority won.
If he does it again he will be disusered.

Event organisation

For future try and organise speakers a few weeks before.


Pooka 16th November


Book meeting rooms in advance

DS programming??


Web Design???

Ask Andrew Martin

Clubs and Socs ball tickets

Get names now for Friday