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Absent: Amy (excused)

Previous Minutes

  • Are wonderful, approved.


  • Werdz says nothing exploded.
  • Christmas party nearly ready.
  • Eoghan falls off his chair for the second meeting in a row.
  • Dano did article
  • Richard put cinema script up
  • Cian fixed apache, built raid arrays, installed Ubuntu multiple times.
  • Eoghan fixed Cian's raid arrays.
  • Andrew did postersing, got PC's for Charity Sleepover.


  • Werdz to not break anything.
  • Kat to do more Christmas party stuff.
  • Kev to update minutes on public wiki.
  • Coconut to answer mail if he gets mail.
  • Dano to poster and look for sponsorship.
  • D_fens to fix wiki and other stuff.
  • Cian to look for more sponsors and fix things.
  • Eoghan to do helpdesk stuff, work on tutorials.
  • Andrew to run Charity Sleepover stuff.

Tech Week

  • Colmacc suggested as potential speaker, could do talk on joost or something that appeals to everyone.
  • Kat wants gadget stuff
  • Receive wants a project to run for the week, not sure what, possibly something with clusters.
  • Lego model of DCU would be awesome.
  • Wavehunt could be run that weekend.
  • Demonware people to be contacted for talks.

Charity Sleepover

  • Redbrick to run netcafe.
  • Andrew, Cian, Dave and Dano will be there.

Ice Skating

  • Bus leaving at 4.30pm.
  • 29 people have signed up so far.
  • Bus idea should have been brought to committee considering the expense.
  • -> CIAN IS RIGHT <- (this is highly unusual).


  • American Gangster next Wednesday at 6.40pm with Film Soc.
  • Leaving Hub at 5.45.
  • Redbrick to discount the trip so members pay only €5 in.

Christmas Party

  • Party will take place next Thursday 6th of December in The Slipper.
  • There will be presents and Santa.

Proposal for Hub Den area

  • Receive wants more text security details, others don't.
  • Suggested that there be less emphasis on Redbrick input as it may turn them off the idea.
  • To be finalised and mailed to Una, Bob, etc before going to HMC.

Admin Issue

  • Committee in favour of removing drag0n's root priviliges.
  • Svan to be consulted about the position.


  • #lobby - goldfish banned for 24 hours after abuse/spam/etc.
  • Minutes - Andrew wants an action list, claims it wouldn't be as shit as it was last year. Most of the committee agrees with Andrew. Kev resists. Minutes will be uploaded quicker.