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Minutes - 29-01-2007

Absent: Damien, Kat, Amy, Padraig, Richard, David (all excused)

Previous Minutes + Agenda

  • Approved.

Tech Issues

  • Timeline for moving everything needed.
  • Richard has hacks to attempt to fix the wiki.
  • Web boards - Andrew busy, Cian suggests making it an open project and asking for help.
  • Apache nearly ready on Murphy.
  • Minerva nearly ready to becom login machine, login script needed.
  • Target date for changeover of login machine is end of Week 2.
  • is being built the old fashioned way, will be ready before Tech Week.
  • Server room to be cleaned.

New Techie Stuff

  • Cluster project - nothing yet, to be mentioned in blog.
  • Facebook app - new Facebook API could lend itself to some interesting Redbrick stuff, to be thought about.
  • - receive wants an archive of old stuff in place.
  • Receive to talk to Una about HMC and the Den.
  • Obelisk - Cian wants as a BSD machine, anyterm could go on toaster or murphy instead... or welmar?

Week One Events

  • EGM - Admin test needed. Constitutional change - Helpdesk to be reduced by one.
  • EGM will take place on Thursday, 6pm in QG13 or whatever similar room is free.
  • Week one bar event thing not really doable, so instead, we go to Fibbers after the EGM.

Week Two

  • Sports Day - Redbrick to be involved.
  • C&S Day 2 - everyone wanted for the day.
  • Helpdesk - reintroduction to Redbrick.
  • Kev to reply to mail about lab bookings.

RAG Week

  • One event needed to raise some money.
  • Intersocs event suggested, or something to do with computers.

Tech Week

  • "Installfest" - Andrew to look after it.
  • Helpdesk to look after tutorials.
  • Demonware on Wednesday.
  • Cian to talk to Colmacc about possible joost talk.
  • Build Your Own PC tutorial if we can find a PC.


  • 1 month paid on Astroturf, hopefully move to park after.
  • Match against associates would be good.


  • Kev suggests reviving newsletter email list to use instead of announce for weekly mails, but it is not to be :(