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Present:Carri, Attol, Haus, Revenant, Angelkat, Gw, Johan, Elephant, Sonic, Maiden, Me


Halloween Ball

Prize for best dressed? - Redbrick hoodie.
Carri to make hoodie shaped voucher.
Print up flyers and hand out

C&S tickets

Clubs and Socs ball tickets need money by Friday.
Sean collecting the money.


* Pooka confirmed he's doing the Python talk.
* Wants a lab with speakers
* Present an amazon gift voucher? Hamper?


Need posters now.

Meeting times

Meeting will stay the same till we have everyone in the meeting

Christmas Presents

Spend €100


Strange things, GameSoc, Art, Book???
Find else who we're doing stuff with


Sweets and coke will do


Site visit from Wimax -> needs 3 students Thursday morning...

Web design tutorial

. get people who know html well
. Kat's gonna do a template
. Kat's gonna organise stuff just needs the date

Qzar and Bowling

Tuesday 24th November