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Present:Lotta, Eoghan (Secretary), Kat, Andrew, Steph, Craig, Alan, David, Gautam, Daniel

Excused:Emma, Sean, Diarmaid


* Steph co opted
* Lotta run through responsibilities

Recording Talks

- Az to Get Recording Equipment
- Lotta to check with talkees about getting permission



1. Jeff Roe giving HackerSpace Talk
2. Maidan talking to Ubuntu People about getting someone to come
3. Nemo giving talk on virus's

Launch Party

Old Bar - Eoghan to talk to Shea about booking


Coding`` ``Contests
Admins to talk to old people

For engineers

For Multimedia

Talks and Workshops

Everyone should organise a talk / event


Camdam / Class Hoodies didn’t want business
Lotta has list of people etc
Lotta sitting in Hub during lunch next week
- People should sit with her if there free


Tobias Muller giving talk on German Hacker Con
- Wednesday 17th Feb
- Venue tbc


How Google can make better Comp Science Grads
- by showing Practical Applications
- Giving Talks
- Giving students access to Ebooks

Admin Stuff

- Storage Array is cool, fast, installed and operational
- VM Machine nearly ready to go
- Web Server DT on Friday to test Debian

Quiz Prizes

- Raffle Prize: Laptop?
- Prizes to be done over Email List

Intersocs 27th / 2 Limerick

- Matt Zimmerman from Canonical giving talk
- Funding Granted for Accomadation and travel


Bot`` ``Wars
i. No Funding
ii. Talk on robotics beforehand sometime would be cool
Lotta to Talk to Tog

i. Other net socs probably not interested
ii. Is it worth doing?
Further discussion required

Tech`` ``Week
Disablility Week
- Talk on Accessibility on the Internet?