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Occassionaly, Redbrick users experience rage, or 'raeg' as it's known in leetspeak. This occurs when a user has so much built-up emo anger that even the slightest things cause them to break down into a steaming furnace of fury.

Such outbursts are often spotted on IRC, but have been known to occur on the boards. A common cause of rage is shit trolling by another user and/or deep-rooted psychological problems. Nobody can be sure really; but then again, nobody cares.

Identified causes of rage

  • Tesco.
  • Balbriggan.
  • Things that are "Grand.": See Grand.
  • Downtime
  • Losing an EGM election before you ever log onto RB
  • Spam
  • Figlet
  • Vegetables
  • Spaceflight industry
  • lil_cain
  • Gardening and general horticulture
  • Sea monkeys and other office pets
  • Gmail being borked
  • Headshops
  • Ruby/Git
  • Whistling
  • Alex
  • Shit guitarists who can only play two power chords and still think they're deadly.
  • Getting caught travelling on the LUAS without a ticket, and expecting to be pardoned.
  • moju
  • Religion
  • Hoodies
  • Raffles
  • Israel
  • Sinn Féin
  • Spoilers (or the chance that something may or may not in fact be a spoiler)
  • The RTE Player, the biggest pile of wankery to ever hit your browser.
  • Remarks about the 'elitest' attitude of the south side of Dublin, roysh.
  • Hunts.
  • Snobs.
  • moju - see: elitism, snobs, vegetables.

Examples of "teh raeg"

17:09:29 Paddez | Israel
17:10:59 @fun | Paddez: what the absolute fuck is your problem? Do you get some sick
joy out of trolling people or are you just a gigantic asshole?

19:17 < LITHIUM> can helium form molecules?
19:18 < moju> yes
19:18 < LITHIUM> or is it naturally monatomic?
19:18 < moju> h2
19:18 < stolnart> LITHIUM: i assume so. can't every atom?
19:18 < LITHIUM> that's hydrogen moju
19:18 < andrew> heh
19:18 < moju> oh wait
19:18 < moju> helium
19:18 < moju> aye it is inert
19:18 < moju> or near a dammit
19:18 < moju> 2 electrons in outer shell etc
19:18 < LITHIUM> so it can form molecules?
19:19 < LITHIUM> i never did chemistry :(
19:19 < moju> Helium is the chemical element with atomic number 2, and is represented by the symbol He. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, inert monatomic gas that heads the noble gas group in the periodic table.
19:19 < moju> wiki it a hnady thing
19:19 < moju> you lazy fuck
19:19 < LITHIUM> i already looked at wiki
19:19 < moju> 19:18:09 < LITHIUM> or is it naturally monatomic?
19:19 < moju> inert monatomic gas
19:19 < moju> yeah
19:19 < moju> read
19:19 < moju> you tard
19:20 < andrew> yea LITHIUM. no fucking asking questions.
19:20 < moju> oh
19:20 < moju> i have no objections to people asking questions
19:20 < moju> i just don't like LITHIUM
19:20 < LITHIUM> :(

22:49:40 maK | GTFO
22:51:01 maK | Anyone have a shotgun i can borrow?

20:47:34 LITHIUM | the moon is too bright
20:48:17 LITHIUM | and my screen is too small to use registax
20:48:42 LITHIUM | and i am on the rag

16:21:53 HAUK | I HAVE THE RAEG.

01:46 < nemo> haukium: my point being, from a sociology point of view though, you two are basically parasites
01:46 < nemo> you don't try and help anyone new to the society
01:46 < nemo> you just take the piss
01:47 < nemo> and get reinforcement from each other
01:47 < nemo> i'm in no position to judge
01:47 < go|dfish> then shut up
01:47 < nemo> but it's sad