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The RedBrick VM Project was started to allow members to admin their own virtual machines running on the RedBrick network. In 2009 the machine Daniel was purchased for this purpose. It has a 2 quad core processors and a massive 24 GB of RAM, making it the most powerful machine RedBrick has ever had ever (evar!). Cynic Data was reassigned to provide firewall and services (proxy, dns) for the VM network.

The system is currently in beta. This means you can use it and stuff, but, don't expect things to be perfect :)


To get an account on the system email the admins


Operating Systems


The system started as a need for a 'remote power button', but quickly grew into much more than that. At the moment it's mostly the excellent work of werdz, but, contributions and bugfiles are welcome. The code is stored in its own repo at and bugs are tracked on this page. Debs of the code are available from .

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