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In April 2006, Redbrick will be 10 years old (since the network was first switched on). To celebrate and commemorate, we plan to organise both a cool event, and a deadly book, with all sorts of great information about Redbrick over the last 10 years (or any other ideas that people have to remember our time together). Why not join the mailing list if you are interested in discussing it?

Any suggestions or updates, please don't be afraid to put them up here! Come on! What would you like to see? What do you think should happen? How do you think we could do it? etc. etc. At the moment, we are working on (this is a rough list - please add to it! Ideas, or stuff you've written!):

You can also add comments and random suggestions in the Discussion Aera.

Redbrick has always been about computers & networks - but has mostly been about people :-) This should be a celebration for the entire Redbrick community - for the founders who made the society, the associates who grew it, the committees who help steer it through the years, the staff & sponsors who have been important to keep the society alive, the current members & users who make it what it is today. That's a lot of people, huh? With everyone on board and doing their best to fill in the "Redbrick history jigsaw", think how cool it's going to be!

Nothing below is set in stone. Please add away! (And don't get offended by an idea you don't like!)

Photos from Redbrick's 5th birthday -

Anniversary Book



  • Logins, users, usernames
  • Newsgroup posts, topics
  • Chat
  • Nice graphics of these? Google for Edward Tufte, Ben Fry, etc.


  • Picture of 10-layered cake, with 6 founders on the top layer (Shadow)
  • A giant red brick
  • Some cool statistic
  • cluster-01.gif


  • Photos
  • Redbrick encyclopedia
  • Redbrick timeline
  • Quotes/Recommendations from Staff/People
  • Alternative: More "magazine" than book in style - content should be same though!
  • An Intersocs page - showing Redbrick involvement and participation in talks and meetups from around the country - certianly enough pictures out there!

Anniversary Event

  • Idea 1: Blacktie/semi-formal event, Guinness Storehouse, meal and/or drinks, book launch, etc.
  • Idea 2: More informal, large pub (or ballroom) based event, no meal, etc.
  • Idea 3: Vicar St. - a gig with Redbrick bands/DJs of past & present
  • Any combination or scaled-down/up version of these ideas could work!
  • Music: Play "Another Brick in the Wall" - Pink Floyd
  • Cake: 10-layered? :-)
  • People: Founders. Important people who should all be there if they can!
  • People: DCU Staff - CSD, CA, SPC, President, Comms & Marketing?

Anniversary Collage

Other ideas

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