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Socities and Publications Committee. (SPC)

Much maligned, and with good reason sometimes, body, responsible for the distribution of capitation funds to Socities in DCU of which Redbrick is one. Tradtionally Redbrick adapted a similar attitude to it as it did to the SU seeing little difference between it and the SU but the Society has always strived to have at least one Brickie on the Committee to keep an eye on things, starting with Autocrat, then me, Floppy (Chairman) and now Cthulhu.

Because of the power of the SPC in being able to allocate funds elections to it are alwasy closely fought affairs however despite the best efforts of some of the above named Redbrick has never been able to dominate the SPC the same way An Cumann Gaelach did in 97/98 despite having closer ties with many more socities. The situation is gradually improving though and next year the C hairman and one Ordinary Member will be both Brickies with other SPC members being sympathetic. As the governing body for Society activity in DCU it is important that Redbrick ensure even greater representation on the SPC next year.


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