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Every student, whether they want to or not, are members of the Students Union, SU for short. The students elect a Union Council and a Union Executive each year and these bodies are responsible for running the SU though in practice the Council is little more than a talking shop, sometimes not even that, and the Executive is a mixed bag at best. The goal of the SU is, again theoretically, to represent students to get them the best possible deal. Some SU leaders actually believe that and work towards that. Most do not. In fact, almost all do not. Most end up doing nothing at all or very little and then trumpeting it from the mountain-tops.

Redbrick has typically had a very wary outlook on the SU suspecting it, rightly so, to be a nest of DBES wankers. There is also the residue of the Founder's antipathy towards the organisation which has stayed with the Society since its foundation. The dislike of the SU comes from a number of reasons. Firstly, most of its leaders were buffoons of the highest calibre. Secondly, they rarely did their jobs and thirdly, they were never any use to students. Compared to Redbrick then, it's a 3-nil win for the Brickies : )

In the last year however there are been a slight thawing of the relationship as can be evidenced from Redbrick working with the SU towards the organisation of Rag Week, and SU funding, limited though it may have been, for Redbrick social events. Mainly this has been because of good relations between the SU President and the Committee and hopefully this will continue into the new year with the construction of the new social centre.


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