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Once upon a time, many moons ago, lived five young people with little in the way of lives and much in the way of depression and odd behaviour. These five characters drifted together one night, as such people are wont to do, and lo and behold, a society was born! The society known now and forever as... SADSOC!

Our story begins late one night, when aeris, drusilla, biteme, dizer and phaxx were moping about in #lobby, trying to amuse themselves and distract from the depression ruling their little lives at that moment in time (the moment being half one in the morning, can't say they're early birds!) Talk turned to depression, and fourth year projects, and all at once, the idea came to them!

<@Dizer> We should start a society.

With these fateful words, was born the idea from which sadsoc would emerge. Many names were tossed around in this session, the name being a major issue. Suggestions included DepressionBrick, and depsoc, but then, through a burst of inspiration, phaxx thought up sadsoc, and the soc was confirmed (incidentally, he also thought up the "Funky" way to write it, :(soc )

The next night, at a later hour even then the one our formation occurred at, (three in the morning) the slogan for sadsoc came up for discussion, for reasons unknown to our young heroes! Conclusion drawn was sadsoc: life sux, but this seemed to be forgotten in the midst of the sick and twisted conversation that followed. In order to see more conversations like this, you'll simply HAVE to join our soc and come interact with the sad people who make up sadsoc!One little excerpt to whet your appetite:

03:27 <@drusilla> it's down the wrist anyway 03:27 <_biteme> yah u cut along the vein

Sad and depressed people of the world unite!

User List

A list of all our current members signed up to the mailing list and hence members of this site.

here are :(soc's founders:

  • aeris
  • biteme
  • dizer
  • drusilla
  • phaxx