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NOTOC Severus ~


Type: Encom Platinum TR80H
OS: Ubuntu 8.04
CPU: Xeon 3050 Dual Core 2x 2.13GHz 2MB 1066FSB (Core arch)
Storage: 7 X 750GB SATA (storage array)
1 x 200Gb SATA (operating system)
Disks: Seagate 750GB SATA II 300 7.2k 8Mb NCQ
Drives: Samsung DVD/CDW Slimline Kit
Network: Onboard Dual Gigabit Ethernet
Extras: Flashing Lights, although not as many as Minerva
The Name: lil_cain picked the name, despite the objections of the rest of the admin team, because it \"went well with minerva\". It\'s obviously not named after a certain house master from a certain series of books.
Description -----------

At the end of the 06/07 academic year, atlas got CSD to agree to host our backup machine. Phaxx earlier got a machine donated to do this from those nice people at Bluesocket (I actually have no idea if it was these people, or whether they're nice, but this is the rumour). Unfortunately, switching said machine didn't seem to have any effect at first, and all a bit of tinkering produced was black smoke from the PSU. Deciding that this wasn't really what we wanted from a backup machine, and that it wasn't big enough given our vastly increased storage machine, we went to grant apped for a new back up machine, and early in the 07/08 academic year, lil_cain ordered this from Encom.

It was finally (after much talking about it) moved to the ISS (previously CSD) server room in downstairs in the library in late 2009, and they kindly did some VLAN magic to put that particular port on our subnet to simplify networking. This means that if the hub is ever accidentally bulldozed, catches fire, gets hit by a small asteroid or gets taken over by zombies, Redbrick member data will be perfectly safe.


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