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Software for and by Redbrick users: Put links on this page to software, scripts and/or utilites that are useful for Redbrick users.

  • rbFriends: rbFriends is a small java application to tell you who's logged on to Redbrick. Developed by Cammy
  • ~link/bin/jey Prototype jabber hey.: Developed by Link.
  • ~shimoda/bin/whatsOnTv/ A script which tells you whats currently on the terrestrial TV channels: Developed by Shimoda.
  • ~shimoda/bin/whatsOnTv/ A script which tells you todays movies.: Developed by Shimoda.
  • ~shimoda/bin/whatsOnTv/ A script which tells you whats on in the cinema.: Developed by Shimoda.
  • ~shimoda/bin/whatsOnTv/ Describes todays weather: Developed by Shimoda.
  • ~shimoda/bin/websites/ Describes the current surfing conditions at Lahinch in Clare.: Developed by Shimoda.
  • ~phaxx/whohey Describes which users are currently heying each other. Developed by Phaxx.
  • ~phaxx/idlers Displays all the logged-in users in order of last activity, and colour-coded. Developed by Phaxx.
  • ~plop/bin/posters A script that works out the top posters out of the posts that are currently available. Developed by Plop.
  • ~plop/bin/nfind A utility for doing news searches. 'nfind -h for help' for help. Developed by Plop.
  • ~shadow/map A map of computer labs at the DCU campus, highlighting where Redbrick users are logged in. Developed by Shadow.
  • ~awol/bin/ullf A little utility that lists the users from your =.friends= file that are online, if their messages are enabled and how long have they been idle. Developed by Colmmacc and just simply compiled by Awol
  • MT-Close2: A plugin for the popular blogger software Movable Type that can close (and open) comments and trackbacks on multiple entries at a time. Useful for fighting "comment-spam". Developed by [[User:Cammy|].
  • ~cns/playpen/xe A currency converter. Developed by Cns.
  • ~cns/playpen/testpattern displays all the colours you're ever likely to need inside a colour-supporting terminal. Developed by [[User:Cns|].
  • ~doc/bin/ creates a tinyurl and ~doc/bin/ expands one. Powered by Doc.
  • ~doc/bin/docsult The original and best random insult generator on the planet. Powered by Doc.
  • ~doc/bin/huskersult Heavily modified version of docsult dedicated to damning randomised Huskerdu-style putdowns. Powered by Doc.
  • ~doc/bin/ Displays the Dart timetables. Powered by Doc.
  • ~doc/bin/ Displays the Dublin bus timetables. Powered by Doc.
  • ~cammy/bin/heyhere Enables 'mesg' on your current shell and disables it on all your other shells. Useful if you want to direct all hey messages to one specific shell. Created by Cammy
  • ~jasper/scripts/ Similar to testpattern, displays 256 colors and codes for terminals supporting them. Developed by Jasper.
  • ~jasper/scripts/cinema/listings script that lists all the movies showing in dublin cinemas. Terminal, XHTML and XML output options. Developed by Jasper.
  • ~werdz/scripts/ Shows any new mail you might have, in pretty colours. Highlights mailing list names. Developed by werdz.
  • ~receive/bin/ Search for DCU Mail addresses by name, student number, or by class. Poorly written by receive.