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NOTOC Sprout ~


Type: Dell 1600SC Tower Server
OS: OpenBSD 4.4
CPU: 2x Intel Xeon 2.4GHz
Storage: 1 X 40Gb IDE (operating system)
1 x 200Gb SATA (log storage)
Drives: 2 CD-Rom Drives. One works.
Network: Onboard Intel Gigabit Ethernet
Two addtional Intel Gigabit Cards
Generic 100mb Ethernet Card
The Name: Cian is no longer allowed to name servers
Description -----------

This was purchased from in 2008 to potentially run some bsd, or something. About the same time it arrived it was becoming clear that asplodey was a useless piece of crap. Since asplodey was so unreliably shit it was decided that we should use sprout instead and throw asplodey away. Sprout also took over from fap as our remote logging server, and obelisk as our nagios server.

In late 2009/early 2010 we began phasing out sprout, as we had acquired a PowerEdge 2650 (b4) to take over it's work. Sprout is falling apart anyway.


None anymore, we're phasing it out.

James Reilly (fun@rb) has plans to put it to good use as a router/DNS box.